Antares – AVOX 4 v4.2.0 VST3, AAX x64

Developer Siteantarestech
Format: VST3, AAX
Bit :64bit
Tablet: Cured | R2R
System Requirements: AAX for P.T by A.U.
(64-bit only) • Pro Tools 2018.1 or later.
• Windows 10
VST3 (64-bit only)
• A compatible DAW that supports the VST3 format.
• Windows 10 (running on
WIN 7) Description:Create, manage and improve your vocal performance. Unleash your creativity with AVOX vocal effects. Because professional vocal production requires more than just tuning.
The AVOX package combines 11 of our professional vocal processing plugins that allow you to create stunning vocal tracks in any musical style and create unique effects for post-processing sound. From creating harmony and simulating a microphone to subtle warmth and creating double tracks and extreme vocal effects, AVOX is an indispensable tool for vocal and audio production.
•AVOX ARTICULATOR – advanced talk boh (audio source mudulation with vocal signal);
•AVOX ASPIRE – smoothes
breathing noises •AVOX CHOIR is not a chorus or a harmonizer. Nevertheless, this plugin allows you to decompose the voice into 4.8 and 32 different voices, each of which can be endowed with its own vibrato parameters and sound duration. If desired, the voices can be
decomposed into stereo panorama •AVOX DUO – auto-doubler vocals with variations of vibrato, vibrato tempo, pitch, timbre;
•AVOX MUTATOR – a combination of tools to create unusual, strange or completely psychedelic voices;
•AVOX PUNCH – specialized vocal transient processor;
•AVOX SYBIL – De-Esser with frequency adjustment;
•AVOX THROAT – physical modeling of the human voice;
•AVOX WARM – lamp saturation
generator •Harmony Engine – a quick and easy tool to create realistic harmonies.
•Mic Mod – Microphone Emulator. Using the patented Spectral Shaping Tool (TM) technology, Antares has created digital microphone models in a wide variety, from historical classics to modern exoticism. Simply point out the Microphone Modeler which microphone you are actually using and which microphone you would like it to look like. Not only do the models reproduce sound characteristics that make each microphone unique, they also provide control over certain options for each microphone.

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