AudioThing Synths – Plugins Bundle 2021.10 VST, VST3, AAX x64

AudioThing is a software development company specializing in audio processing plugins (VST, AU, AAX) and sample libraries. We strive to develop professional yet affordable audio plugins for composers, producers and sound engineers of all skill levels. We offer a wide variety of sound plug-ins, including vintage tape and tube emulations, complex convolutional processors, analog drum machine emulations, and more.
Plugin set consisting of:
AudioThing. miniBit.v1.6.3
AudioThing. Things.Flip.EQ.v1.1.0
AudioThing.Type.B .v1.0.3

Description of modules
Alborosie Dub Station – We are proud to present to you Alborosie Dub Station, located in the heart of Jamaica’s most prolific music community, the Waterhouse in Kingston. We sampled, analyzed and meticulously recreated the original filter, echo and spring reverb that was used, modified and used by legendary Osborne Ruddock “King Tubby” – producer, studio engineer and pioneer of dub-reggae from the golden era of the 70s – from his personal collection of vintage gear Alborosie …
Fog Convolver – Virtual convolutional processor. Fog Convolver can be used to add reverb, create special effects, and apply acoustic impulse captured from audio equipment.
Frostbitev1.5.1 – Multi-effect including Ring Modulator, Feedback, and Freeze modules. The plugin is well suited for atmospheric and cinematic music, but can also be used for extreme sound experiments. Six different combinations provide a flexible signal path.
Hand Clapper is a percussion synthesizer with clap sounds. The interior design is inspired by the famous Japanese percussion synthesizer of the ’80s. There are three internal noise sources that are used to recreate the classic sound of vintage analog drum machines. In addition, you can load external samples and shape them with the same emulation scheme.
Hats– a drum synthesizer designed to create hi-hat and cymbal sounds. It includes two independent sources: synthesized noise and sample section. Instead of the usual white and pink noise, the noise section contains 6 square wave generators with different pitch and phase, as in the famous TR808. As a result, the noise sounds with a controlled metallic character. The factory bank includes over 50 samples, ranging from rare analog drum machines to real acoustic hi-hats and cymbals.
Latin Percussionis a sample-based instrument that is an emulation of the Sound Master Latin Percussion, a rare analog drum machine from the 80s. The instrument contains 6 classic Latin percussion sounds: bass, low conga, high conga, bongo, clave and maracas, which can be independently panned, blended and pitched. You can further shape the sound with overdrive and reverb effects. The built-in sequencer allows you to easily create patterns that can be easily transferred to your host.
Megaphone is a plugin that emulates a loudspeaker / horn. It features two speaker emulations, slapback control and a noise section.
miniBit– 8-bit / chiptune synthesizer that simulates the sound of game consoles and retro computers of the 80s. It has a main oscillator with 12 waveforms paired with a sub-oscillator (square wave an octave below). With the built-in beat crusher, you can create even louder retro sounds.
miniVerb – Lets you create reverb inspired by 1980s video game soundtracks
OuterSpace is an emulation plug-in for Roland’s famous vintage tape delay RE-201, created in the early seventies. As a source device, the Outer Space has a three-head ribbon echo section and a spring reverb compartment.
Phase motion– allows you to simulate the phase using one of five LFO waveforms (sine, triangle, saw, square, random sample). The size can be adjusted either manually or synchronized with the pace of the host program. The ‘Depth’ and ‘Feedback’ controls let you create a wide variety of phaser sounds.
Reels – AudioThing Reels tape recorder emulator downsamples any signal passed through it. Users can choose from three types of film (Japanese, French, Italian) and the playback speed, which will affect the intensity of signal processing. In addition, the plug-in provides a number of settings that are responsible for tape hiss, ducking and other noises, an echo section, as well as a special “Tape Stop” function that simulates a kind of attenuation that occurs when the tape stops.
Space Strip is a multi-effect plugin with 6 modules: Contour, Vibe, Slapback, Ambience, Ensemble and Stereo. Modules can be positioned in any combination by simply dragging and dropping. The Space Strip will add depth and space to your sounds, especially synthesizer and keyboards.
Speaker – overdrive effect with loudspeaker emulation. The plugin also has a fixed compressor, amp stage and mix control.
Springs is a virtual simulator of vintage spring reverbs.
The Orb is a formant filter from AudioThing that simulates the characteristics of the human voice. Featuring a set of three band pass filters, The Orb can transform any sound into vowel sounds.
SR-88– emulation of the Sound Master Memory Rhythm SR-88, a rare analog drum machine from the 80s. The instrument includes 5 classic analog sounds: Kick, Snare, Hi Hat 1, Hi Hat 2 and Cymbal, with which you can change the pitch, pan and mix independently of each other. You can also additionally shape sounds with a Low Pass filter, overdrive, compressor and reverb. The sequencer will make it easy to build patterns that can be transferred to your host.
Things motoris a modern, expanded take on Dave Young’s “The Crystal Palace”, co-developed with electronic musician Hainbach. Things Motor is a sound effect inspired by “The Crystal Palace” created by Dave Young for the BBC’s radio studio. It used a large capacitor that spins on a motor. With this device, you can smoothly combine up to sixteen sounds, opening up the possibilities for high-quality sound editing. It also made it possible to switch these channels based on speed.
This avant-garde technique from the past can be heard on the soundtrack to Brian Hodgson and Delia Derbyshire’s Doctor Who’s “Crotons” series. He was able to create sounds ranging from sublime to almost granular. Things Motor takes this idea and brings it to life today. This is not only emulation, but also further development.
Things Motor uses a side chain to combine two signals. There is no fixed physical waveform, the plugin uses a variable waveform LFO as a motor with variable motor start / stop times. AudoThing then added vibrato and pan, synchronized with the motor LFO, as well as some analog sound effects. This opens up space for a lot more timbres. From smooth morphing, aggressively chopped or ringing sounds to the sonic worlds in between.
Things Texture is an easy-to-use granular reverb with pitch shifting and mid / side mode. Texture can transform any sound into an ambient soundscape or add a drone vibe to your tracks.
Things tilt– easy to use oblique equalizer plugin with mid / side modes. Turn the main knob to the right and you get more highs and less lows; turn it to the left and the bass boosts and the treble cuts. You can select the cutoff frequency of the equalizer using the Cutoff knob, or increase the gain of the equalizer using the Boost button.
Type-A is a virtual simulator of using a squelch as an enhancer.
The original unit was designed as a noise reduction system for tape recording (encoding stage) and playback (decoding stage).
Valve Exciter is a harmonic enhancer with vintage tube emulation. The xciter section contains tuned filters with the ability to boost center frequencies using the Harmonics knob.
Valve Filter VF-1 – AudioThing was inspired by Telefunken’s classic ladder filter and lamps. The program can definitely be called vintage in the best sense of the word.
Vinyl Strip – Includes 6 modules: Distortion, Compressor, Bit Crusher, Tilt EQ, Vintage Reverb and Vinylizer. With a simple drag and drop, modules can be organized in any order. This plugin will be useful to all those musicians who want to add the “flavor” of old vinyl records to their sounds.
WaveBox is a dynamic wave shaper (wave distortion effect) plug-in that can be used for both symmetrical and asymmetrical distortion effects.
Wires– accurately modeled and improved Soviet tape recorder of 1970, originally created for military and secret services. In the hands of avant-garde / experimental musicians like Hainbach, this vintage device becomes a unique tool for lo-fi and ghost echo design. Wires uses echo section and emulation of the original speaker and microphone. Additional hiss and motor noise with dedicated envelopes add flavor to the sound. In addition, start and stop effects are built in for added confidence. It also contains output tube emulation that adds even more character and density to the final effect. The built-in preset random generator creates weird sounds at the touch of a button and gives you endless new sounds

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