Mastering The Mix – Bundle STANDALONE, VST, VST3, AAX x64 The Mix - Bundle

Developer SiteMastering the Mix
Format: STANDALONE, VST, VST3, AAX Bitability: 64bit
Tableette: Ne
Required System Requirements: Windows 7 +
Description: Plugin Set:
MIXROOM v1.0.3 – Smart Equalizer to help You’re setting the perfect balance of richness and clarity, whether you’re working on vocals, synthesizers, or mastering your music.
MIXROOM analyzes your sound and shows which frequencies can be adjusted to improve your sound. The proposed equalization target will help you get a reliable starting point from which you can adjust the sound according to your preferences.
ANIMATE v1.1.4 is a plugin that will help you add life to your mixes in an accurate, versatile and colorful way. With four different driving modes, each with individual frequency responses.
EXPAND mode allows you to zoom in on the sound.
Punch mode improves transients.
Ignition mode allows you to dial rich harmonic distortion in a dynamic way based on the input signal.
Ignite can increase the perceived volume and power without the influence of compressor pumping.
Grow mode allows you to increase the width of the selected frequencies exceeding the threshold using the effect of psychoacoustic priority.
Effects in Animate will increase the volume of your audio.
Mid/Side, Left/Right.
Easy setup gives you full control with a user-friendly interface. For more information, you can activate interactive tips.
BASSROOM v1.0.5 is the final mix and master equalizer designed to help beginners and professionals set up low frequencies in seconds. This is achieved by providing exceptional sound quality and special equalizer settings that a great sound engineer in a world-famous studio could make.
EXPOSE v1.1.3 – to identify problems in the mix.
What is Expose? Is your track ready for release? You sure…? Too often, music is released with technical issues that degrade the quality. With EXPOSE, it only takes a few seconds to get the
best listening and problem detection in the LEVELS v2.0.1 mix each time – Measurement plugins are boring and not intuitive for most music creators, but are crucial to getting a technically superior mix. So, we’ve developed a tool that artists and producers will want to use. We wanted to give music producers a simple solution to evaluate the technical details of their music, but with maximum simplicity. The LEVELS plugin includes 4 main measurement tools: Headroom for measuring peaks, Stereo Field for controlling the stereo field of the mix, Dynamic Range – dynamic range measurement, as well as Bass Space – measuring the level of low frequencies of the mix.
REFERENCE v1.1.1 – designed to compare tracks with reference material in the process of mastering.
The user can compare his mix with 20 reference tracks.
The Level Match tool allows you to automatically bring tracks to the same volume, which provides a more adequate comparison of sound.
Multifunctional mode of the Trinity Display interface.
Create, disable and solo frequency bands for detailed comparison of tracks (TrinityDisplay).
The Level Lines option (in TrinityDisplay) shows the perceived volume in the frequency band of the mix compared to the same band in the reference track.
The Stereo Spread option (in TrinityDisplay) shows the width of the stereo base in the frequency bands of the mix compared to similar bands in the reference track.
The Punch Dots in option (in Trinity Display) shows short-term dynamics in the frequency bands of the mix compared to similar bands in the reference track.
Auto Align function to work with different versions of the same track. Allows you to automatically align them in time relative to each other.
The Wave Transport function allows you to create many looped sections for quick comparison of different fragments of the track.


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