Reason Studios – Record 1.5.1 x86

Bitness: 32bit Interface Language: Multilingual (English missing)
Tablet: System
Requirements: Intel or AMD multi-core processor
– 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended for large ReFills or Rack Extensions)
– 5.5 GB free system disk space required, plus 20 GB for optional content. Additionally, program may use up to 20 GB scratch disk
space and additional space for cached graphical assets
– Windows XP – Windows 10 or
later (64-bit) – Monitor with at least 1280×768 resolution – Audio Interface with ASIO
driver – MIDI interface and a MIDI keyboard
recommended – For using Reason as a VST Plugin, a host with VST3 support is required
Description: Propellerhead Software introduced Record, which combines easy recording and a stunning software mixing console with a limitless panel for audio processing.
Made for independent musicians, Propellerhead Software suggests that Record has “the feel of a million-dollar recording studio. For guitarists, line 6’s built-in virtual POD, which brings a wide range of guitar amplifiers and high quality combics. The sound of the Record mixer is modeled by hardware SSL 9000K with flexible routing, full speaker, equalizer, advanced effects processing and automation.
Propellerheads Record works independently and is nothing more than a multi-track audio editor with a huge mixing console and processing2. If you already have Reason installed, the programs will complement each other. In other words, you will get two programs in one interface, plus, a nice bonus – the ability to open “old” Izonov projects in full compatibility mode and with the ability to add (or record) audio tracks in them. ReWire and Remote support is assumed.
Of the pros – an infinite number of tracks, for guitarists and bass guitarists installed virtual POD from Line 6 Inc., there is the possibility of great and powerful switching devices at will ola Reason, there is also a sequencer for arranging, a mixer modeled by the legendary SSL 9000K, as well as mutual integration of Record and Reason.

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