Schaack Audio Technology – AnalogQ 1.2.6 VST x64

schaack-audio – AnalogQ allows you to align your material in an analog way. While most of the available EQ plugins suffer from problems near Nyquist (half the sample rate), such as distortion of equalizer shapes, AnalogQ is capable of generating analog frequency response up to Nyquist, while even allowing center EQ frequencies up to 30 kHz, all without oversampling! The optional Natural Phase mode provides near-perfect amplitude-phase response due to very low (1 ms) latency.
Equalizer without the usual problems when approaching the Nyquist, implemented without oversampling, offering a frequency response that very closely corresponds to the model of the analog region.
The “Natural Phase” mode with low latency adds a quasi-ideal phase characteristic in addition to the quasi-ideal amplitude characteristic.
Pultec style Boost/Cut Low shelf based on Pultec EQP-1A simulation.
Equalizer frequencies can be adjusted up to 30 kHz (except low Shelf in Pultec style).
Built-in highly reactive, customizable spectrum analyzer with dual spectrum display for input and output.
Easily resizing the interface.
Low CPU usage (usually less than 1% on decent systems).
High-quality processing of 64-bit floating-point numbers.

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