uJAM – Virtual Guitarist IRON 2 v1.0.0 VSTi, AAX x64

Distribution updated : replaced with release from R2RSwing Your Heart. Hard and heavy chords and riffs

Pay homage to the rock gods with roaring riffs and powerful chords in version 2.0 of our legendary virtual guitarist IRON. Now completely redesigned and improved: play your own riffs, choose from a set of effects, and enjoy completely re-recorded samples and phrases

No guitar skills required – IRON is suitable for all levels of music production. Experienced musicians and composers will be impressed with the sound quality. Beginners will appreciate the user-friendly design that speeds up workflows and enhances the creative process

Better, Harder, Louder – Create realistic rock guitar tracks in no time

Improve your tone- with classic guitar pedal effects including great-sounding wah, delay, chorus and reverb. Add the final polish with the dedicated multi-FX finisher

A versatile beast – with sounds ranging from slightly distorted to raging aggression, with over 350 unique phrases in 30 different styles, with expertly selected performances from the best session musicians. For those who require extra weight in their guitar parts, Drop D tuning and dubbing is also available

Band members – IRON works great with Virtual Bassist ROWDY and Virtual Drummer BRUTE. Awesome backline band for your rock songs. Thanks to IRON’s user-friendly interface, you will be able to record great-sounding tracks in no time

Finally, Virtual Guitarist has a specially designed finisher handle. Simply choose from 60 multi-effect chains for stunning post-enhancement effects such as ambience

New in versio

• NEW: Instrument mode, freshly recorded samples and phrase

• 30 Styles, over 350 Phrase

• 30 Stomp box emulations, 60 Finisher FX Mode

• Drop D and doubling modes for extra fatnesssssn…….

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