Xfer Records – Serum 1.33b4 VSTi/AAX, Standalone, x86 x64 Win [Full & FX] UNLOCKED


DAW : Fl Studio / Cakewalk measuring device / Stein Cubabergse, etc.Description: bodily fluid may be a tabular wave synthesizer with high-quality sound,

visual and creatively oriented  interface, with a inherent wavetable editor to make your own distinctive table-wave installations. unharness features:

* No serial key

required * No ought to mark the user.dat file as read-only.

* Browser windows don’t open thanks to

a faulty key * No ought to

back up the user file.dat * No ought to connect with the net

* Update perform disabled

* All plugins square measure unbolted (VST, AAX, 32Bit and 64Bit)This unharness uses its own file (user.r4e) to store information associated with activation. Thus, any antecedently keep information of the License remains intact and might be used cleanly within the following (if they work) or previous versions. Updates square measure disabled fully. strive it yourself by choosing “Menu” -> “Check for Updates”. further information:


1. Run the Setup.exe

2 file. choose the elements you wish to put in, uncheck the remainder

About victimization AAX

AAX plugins are unlocked! To use

them, you wish a hacked AAX host, like professional Tools HD twelve.5 from AudioUTOPiA!

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